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About Me

I am a 34 year-old male, born in Omaha Nebraska. I moved to Winter Haven, Florida, when I was 14 years-old. I moved around a few times to Orlando and Jacksonville, back to comfortably residing here in Orlando, FL. I loved designing websites as a child, learning video games and making cartoon websites as far back as 11 years old. I would code entire pages using pure HTML. I taught myself that codes do certain things by repetition. I never used CSS stylesheets because at that time I was not aware they existed! I edited each and every color and style using tags. Sometimes it was exhausting! But as time went on, I realized that creating was part of my nature.

As I became older, I worked as a security officer. I remember sitting in the guardhouse (my job at the time), wondering what to do with my life. There was a little TV that I was watching and a commercial came on which really spoke to me. It was an Everest College commercial, but it was a good commercial nonetheless. A guy stated "You're sitting on the couch letting life pass you by. Get up and make a phone call that's going to help you" (Video linked below). So, I did just that and enrolled in Keiser University for a Graphic Arts & Design Degree. I graduated in the fall of 2021 and am now attending Valencia College, soon to obtain a degree in Digital Motion Media. I am now ready to start a career doing what I do best with graphic design and digital motion media.